Nissan Shatai Kyushu

Aiming to realize a plant that sets global benchmarks for overall capabilities in quality, cost, and time

  • Introduction of roller hemming line (car body process)

    Introduction of roller hemming line (car body process)

  • 3WET painting system (painting process)

    3WET painting system (painting process)

  • Zebra lighting paint inspection (painting process)

    Zebra lighting paint inspection (painting process)

  • Vibration tests using a four-wheel chassis vibration tester (final inspection process)

    Vibration tests using a four-wheel chassis vibration tester (final inspection process)

  • Transportation of car bodies using magnet-guided, unmanned AGV conveyor vehicles

    Transportation of car bodies using magnet-guided, unmanned AGV conveyor vehicles

  • Skills and leadership of "artisans"

    Skills and leadership of "artisans"

■Body Shop
Body Shop
The introduction of the roller hemming line and other equipment enables the production of high-precision car body frameworks. The Body Shop is also characterized by its flexible and compact production line that includes automatic assembly of heavy parts such as hoods and doors by robots, and transportation of car body and parts by unmanned AGV transportation vehicles.

■Painting Shop
Painting Shop
We have introduced the new 3WET painting technology to realize painting quality that is environmentally friendly and ideal for luxury car models. In addition, we have adopted anti-pollution technology and automatic exterior testing devices to achieve high-quality paint jobs.

■Assembly Shop
Assembly Shop
We have created an evolved car assembly line that enables the mixed production of frame body and monocoque body vehicles. During the final assembly process, all vehicles undergo vibration tests and other tests to ensure that they meet the highest quality levels that are compatible with luxury car models. We have also introduced assisting devices to lighten the work load for operators and create a workerfriendly working environment.

The new vehicle-manufacturing plant of Nissan Shatai Kyushu, which has the capacity to produce 170,000 vehicles per year, is state-of-the-art and incorporates all the best practices of car-making in the Nissan Group. It also incorporates "the Alliance Production Way (APW)" to efficiently manufacture high-quality vehicles for delivery to customers in short times.

We have removed belt conveyors from our welding process. All car bodies are transported using unmanned AGV conveyor vehicles, thereby substantially eliminating the need for large-scale production facilities, and enabling flexible production line design. We have also achieved high-mix, low-volume production in the welding process, where vehicles with structural differences are produced on the same line.

The new plant produces five models: the luxury brand “Infiniti QX80,” the“ Patrol” SUV mainly for the Near and Middle East market, the “Elgrand” minivan for the domestic market, the “Armada” SUV mainly for the North American market, and the new-generation commercial van “NV350 Caravan.” This new plant plays the role as the sole plant of the Nissan Group plants in Japan, capable of producing full-size SUVs and large minivans. Of the vehicles produced at this plant, we have established the most stringent quality standards for the luxury brand "Infiniti." There are currently only three plants in the world that are authorized to produce "Infiniti" cars. At Nissan Shatai Kyushu, all vehicles that are produced undergo a paint job quality inspection on the zebra lighting paint inspection line, as well as checks for noise and vibration using a vibration tester for four-wheel chassis vehicles. Through these processes, we hold fast to our ideal of realizing uncompromising inspection quality. In addition, by mobilizing the unsurpassed capabilities of employees who are highly skilled in the respective processes that they are responsible for, we are striving to ensure the highest quality for the Infiniti brand, and have won accolades for our top-class quality in global market surveys.

As a member of the globally expanding Nissan Group, Nissan Shatai Kyushu aims at realizing a benchmark plant with the combined strengths of Q (Quality), C (Cost), and T (Time).